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Thank you to EVERYONE who’s taken the time to read and review How to Repair a Mechanical Heart


How to Repair a Mechanical Heart, YA fiction“Hands down one of the best YA books I’ve read this year.”—I Love YA Fiction


“From the first word I fell in love with this book . . . Best LGBT Young Adult book I’ve read this year, and in my all time top five . . . I laughed my ass off, cried until I heaved, cringed, nodded along, smiled like a loon, LOVED EVERY SINGLE WORD. PERFECT.”—Laura Rodriguez, The LL’s Word blog


“Finding How to Repair a Mechanical Heart was at least, at leasteleventeen kinds of awesome for me . . . Just when I’ve become complacent in the belief there can’t possibly be any more original ways to tell me a coming-of-age story, J.C. Lillis happens along and not only tells it but sells it in a colorfully wrapped package of humor and pop-cultural icon worship and maybe even just a smidgen of satire, then plops a big red bow of characters I unashamedly fell in love with smack-dab on top of this ginormous gift. I can’t even recommend this book highly enough.”—Lisa Horan, The Novel Approach blog (five stars)


“Rarely have I ever picked up a book I knew nothing about and loved it quite so much . . . It is really masterfully written with a real flair for voice and style and a huge dose of vulnerability . . . I have a feeling that this will be my #1 most pimped out book this year. So please, do yourself a favor and go buy it. Then, spend this weekend getting to know the two cutest, funniest, and most lovable geeks in print.”—Cole Riann, The Armchair Reader blog


GO READ IT! Because it is just that good. Like the kind of good where you stall for days on the last 30% because you know that it is going to end soon and maybe if you read slowly enough you can stretch it indefinitely. The story is such a wonderful mix of sweet and tender, romantic and loving, funny and clever, and poignant and a bit heart wrenching. I loved this book and want to keep it under my pillow forever.”Joyfully Jay m/m romance blog


“I am legit happy out of mind for this book . . . One of the very best YA books out there, for originality and being made of total Geek. As a lover of fanfic myself this book really hit hard on many levels (fangirls know what I’m talking ‘bout).”—Darien Moya, Pants off Reviews (5+ pants off)


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