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    November 30, 2016 by J.C. Lillis

    A&B heart

    This book, you guys. THIS. BOOK. Two and a half years ago I posted this photo after I’d bellyflopped giddily …
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  2. Welcome, 2016! (+ li’l announcement about Book #3)


    January 4, 2016 by J.C. Lillis


    Merry 2016, dear readerfriends. I hope the new year finds you happy, healthy, and in possession of a stack of …
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  3. Monday Tidbits


    November 30, 2015 by J.C. Lillis

    This week I slacked off on prepping a blog post, ’cause I was way too busy 1.) stuffing my face …
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  4. The Meagan Brothers Interview: On X-Files Fandom, Fairy Godfathers, and the “Positive Chaos” of YA


    November 23, 2015 by J.C. Lillis

    meagan header 3

      Last week I reviewed the terrific new YA novel WEIRD GIRL AND WHAT’S HIS NAME—a funny, poignant, and hopeful …
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  5. “FIND ME A BOOK”: A fandom-tastic LGBTQ+ YA novel


    November 16, 2015 by J.C. Lillis

    find me a book

      THE BOOK: WEIRD GIRL AND WHAT’S HIS NAME by Meagan Brothers   CATEGORIZATION: YA LGBTQ+ contemporary / dual first-person …
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  6. 11 YA Fiction Quotes that Writers and Bookworms Will Love


    September 14, 2015 by J.C. Lillis

    So I’ve been blogging every Monday for a couple months now. It’s been going way better than expected (last week’s …
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  7. In Defense of 6 Maligned YA Fiction Tropes: When They’re Annoying, When They’re Maybe Not


    September 7, 2015 by J.C. Lillis

    ya tropes header

    Forgive me, readers, for I have feared the trope.   I have ostracized some of them unfairly. I’ve let reviews …
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  8. “FIND ME A BOOK”: A splendid YA LGBTQ book you might like


    August 24, 2015 by J.C. Lillis

    find me a book

    THE BOOK: Forgive Me If I’ve Told You This Before by Karelia Stetz-Waters   CATEGORIZATION: YA novel / lesbian coming-of-age …
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