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Some very nice people have had me on their blogs to chat about How to Repair a Mechanical Heart and We Won’t Feel a Thing. Here they are.

How to Repair a Mechanical Heart Q&As with:

The LLs Word: “J.C. Lillis and Her Boys Have Come to The LL’s Word for a Visit…”
The Novel Approach: “Author J.C. Lillis Talks Fandom, Fiction, And Which Characters She’d Love to Slash”
Crunchings & Munchings: “Interview with J.C. Lillis, Author of How to Repair a Mechanical Heart
Brandon Shire: “Fandom in LGBT Literature”
Joyfully Jay: “Interview and Giveaway: How to Repair a Mechanical Heart by J.C. Lillis”
We Won’t Feel a Thing Q&As with:
Deadly Ever After: “Happy Book Birthday to WE WON’T FEEL A THING!”
Crunchings & Munchings:Interview with J.C. Lillis, Author of We Won’t Feel a Thing”
I’m trying to figure out how to be a good interviewer. I think the secret is basically “find awesome interesting people who will occasionally tolerate questions about what Oscar the Grouch does on trash day.”
Here are some interviews with authors who fit the bill:
Julie Hutchings (NA dark fantasy author) on her book RUNNING HOME, the writing/motherhood balance, getting out of a motivation dead zone, and more (She also tells a dirty penguin joke. You will love her.)
Julie Hutchings (PART 2), on the sequel RUNNING AWAY, why lizards rule, Caillou vs. clowns, and Froot Loops vs. Cookie Crisp.
Kristen Strassel (YA/NA vampire/contemp author) on her YA novel SECONDHAND HEART, American Idol, Miss Piggy, and dirty sub shop memories.
Roan Parrish (m/m author) on her debut IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMEWHERE, a hotly anticipated “scrappy professor/intense carpenter” love story.
Sam Schooler (author of queer NA romance) on contributing to the MASKS OFF TOO! anthology, writing good sex scenes, and nailing the appeal of “one-man wolf” characters.
Santino Hassell (M/M author) on his dystopian novel AFTER MIDNIGHT, the tricky dynamic between his main characters, and why writing this gritty book was a surprisingly calming experience. (We did this little interview in tandem with the AFTER MIDNIGHT cover reveal, so scroll down to read it.)
D. Emery Bunn (fantasy author) on his debut apocalyptic fantasy DARKNESS CONCEALED, his toughest scenes and characters to write, and his intimidatingly healthy snacking habits.
Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons (essayist and YA author) on the haunting cold case of Suzanne Bombardier, which she’s doing her part to keep in the national spotlight.
Leigh Ann Kopans (YA author) on her superhero-themed YA novel ONE, her childhood fascination with the X-Men, her fast-drafting technique, and why brackets are a great writing tool.


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