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February 5, 2014 by J.C. Lillis

It’s been ages. I AM A CHRONIC BLOG NEGLECTER AND I NEED HELP. Or an assistant. Or an army of clones. Each clone would be slightly less functional than the one before, though, and they’d probably break my laptop and burn the house down.

Here are some bits and pieces:

  • Ready for the WE WON’T FEEL A THING cover reveal? It’s happening on 2/13! It’ll be posted right here and on some very kind and generous YA/author blogs (have a free slot and want to participate? Shoot me an email at jclillisbooks AT gmail and I’ll send you everything you need). The cover was created by the same designer who did the retro-sci-fi cover for HOW TO REPAIR A MECHANICAL HEART, but this one has a way different feel. I can’t wait to show you!


  • Got some exciting near-future posts lined up. Next week I’ve got an excerpt from SOLVING FOR EX, the new YA mathlete romance—it’s by Leigh Ann Kopans, so you know it’s going to be smart + swoony. Later in the month, the hilarious and wise Julie Hutchings will stop by for an interview (and I’ll be reviewing her novel, RUNNING HOME). And first week of March, I’ll have a joint review of SEASONS IN THE SUN and BECAUSE THE NIGHT by the awesome Kristen Strassel, plus a cover reveal for her upcoming book!


  • Have you met Lorna Suzuki? She’s a real indie success story – her fantasy series, THE IMAGO CHRONICLES, is now being made into a trilogy of films. Lorna is also a great supporter of fellow indie authors, and I’ll be stopping by her blog for an interview this month. (You can follow her on Twitter at @LornaSuzuki; she’s one of the nicest folks around.)


  • In other news, I’m ABOUT DONE with winter. The child hasn’t had a full week of school since early December. We’ve spent entire days shut up in the house, and the whining could power our entire house if we could just figure out how to harness it. Today when we woke up, the tree branches were outlined in ice and the streets were (gasp!) a little damp, so open schools were clearly not an option. She’s currently at the dining room table making a permission slip for a “trip to Australia,” which will be chaperoned by Mr. Crocksford (a stuffed giraffe) and Mr. Creeks (a frog who wears people clothes).


  • Release day is less than two months away, guys. I’m quaking. March 31 is the official release date (though if things go smoother than anticipated, I might move it up). Right now I’m in that awful limbo where I focus on all the things people could conceivably hate about it, so I’ve put the book aside for a week or two while I wait on editor feedback and film the trailer. (In the meantime, if you want to add WE WON’T FEEL A THING on Goodreads, I won’t be mad at ya.)


Until we meet again: stay warm (and safe) out there. Winter’s being a total wanker.


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